Q – Is this the only size available or can I buy a double?
A – No, what you see is what you get.

Q – Can I modify to change the size?
A – No, it’s a Kit unit package to suit.

Q – Does the frame come available in another colour?
A – No

Q – Can I order with Grey roof sheets?
A – Yes, Vanguard & Vittoria models only.

Q – Do I need a building permit?
A – In most cases you will, consult your local municipality/shire offices.

Q – What do I do to get a permit?
A – We provide engineering documents to pass onto your building surveyor for approval.


Q – Can I get a longer roof sheet?
A – No, all kits are designed to be 3.0mtr or 4.0 mtr roof length

Q – Can I make the Patio kit wider?
A – Yes, there three models available but you need to work at 600mm increments (refer brochures).

Q – Can I order Patio with a different coloured roof sheet?
A – Kit is available in only Clear multicell (diffuser) or Solar Grey roof sheet – you would need to purchase additional sheets (extra cost) for this.

Q – Can I join two kits together to make as one width?
A – Yes, we have a joiner kit available (cost is approx. $75.00) refer part no’s. 702532 &702533

Q – Can I have the frame in another colour other than white/grey?
A – Yes, if you powdercoat the frame again at your cost – kit is only available as white frame (Neutral Colour) or Woodland Grey

Q – Do I need a building permit?
A – In most cases you will, consult your local municipality/shire offices. Due to rainwater and footing fixtures, we need to cover all areas and provide the necessary info to the Building Surveyor for this. Palram can supply info relating to structural dimensions/ratings etc

Single Profile Sheets – Corri/Greca/Trimdeck

Q – What are the typical roof types?
A – Gable (pitched two sides) & Skillion (flat rake)

Q- What is the minimum pitch required?
A – 5 degrees on a skillion roof (87mm per 1000mm) to prevent capillary water flowback.
Trimdeck sheeting can be fitted as low as 2 – 3 deg, and may require ‘stitching’ additional screws for water tightness. Trimdeck has a higher crest that allows better flow of higher volumes of rainwater.

Q – How do I calculate the quantity of sheets required?
A – The rule is to divide the width of the roof structure by 760mm to equate the number required.
This also takes in account the overlapping of sheets. Use this for Corrugated/Greca/ Trimdeck

Q – Why is it necessary to have a 10mm expansion hole where the screw is fixed?
A – To allow for sheet expansion and contraction when ‘cooling down’. When there is no expansion hole, sheets will push upwards against the screw stem and cause a wave effect.

Q – Why is Purlin Tape important?
A – On timber frames, the timber naturally carries moisture and when the Polycarbonate sheet cool, they may stick or become attached to the framework/painted surfaces. Purlin tape allows the sheet to slide during expansion and contraction – during the day.

Q – How do I calculate the quantity of screws to use on Corrugated/Greca Sheets?
A – The rule of thumb is 5 across the sheet width per purli. e.g. a 3.0mtr Corri sheet has 4 purlins = 20 screws.

Q – What is the difference between the types of fixing screws?
A – Both the Clearfix and One Shot screws are designed cut a clean 10mm expansion hole into the sheet. Both are designed to fix into Timber and various Metals. All are fitted with an EPDM type rubber suitable to polycarbonate surfaces – that will not affect the UV protectants within the sheeting.

Q – Can I use silicone on Polycarbonate sheeting?
A – No, Use only recommended Sealants by Palram, generally non acetate (neutral cure) and always check the Sealant manufacturers recommendations/applications.

Q – What is the difference between a ‘Standard’ Polycarb sheet and a SolarSmart roof sheet?
A – SolarSmart is a technology that is manufactured into the roof sheeting which provides for more thermal absorption, and diffusing the brilliant sunrays – so that the balance of light and heat passing through to the Patio entertaining area is reduced for better comfort.

Q – When and where would you install roofing using a Foam Infill?
A – Generally, this is used as a draft stopper on the upper and/or lower sections of a roof so as to prohibit air passing through between the purlin and the sheet. This is generally notice when customer include additional walls or curtains, enclosing the patio area


Known as also multiwall – this type of sheeting has increased thermal properties and insulation. Designed to be fixed within a frame that supports the sheet – as opposed to fixing a screw into the sheet face, the design of aesthetic look of ‘screwless’ roof fixing provides customer with a choice of look in their project.

Q – There are different thicknesses on the market, what are the major differences?
A – Palram manufactures both 8mm and 10mm for domestic installations. Lengths and widths of sheets are determined due to elements such as wind and structural.

Q – Why can’t I buy the Sunlite 8 sheet over 3mtr length?
A – Sunlite 8 Twinwall is not as strong as Sunlite 10 and over longer lengths and width is subject to more stringent wind conditions – all part of meeting Building Code regulations.

Q – Why do we need framing around the actual sheet?
A – Sunlite10 being a larger area sheet needs a stronger set of framing accessories than its lesser thicker and smaller Sunlite 8 sheeting. As it is wider – there is more area to be effected by strong winds. The Aluminium framework gives the sheet more resistance to flexing across the sheet width as well as sealing the sheet against dust and bugs which like to house within the sheet flutes.

Q – Being a ‘flat’ sheet – which side is protected from harmful & damaging UV rays?
A – A unique quality of all Palram (flat) sheets is the inclusion of providing UV protection to both surfaces, which is a benefit when using the sheeting for a pool cover (which generates reflective glare to the underside surface)